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A look at the top 1% Canadian taxfilers, 2014

To be considered part of the top 1% in 2014, a taxfiler must have earned a total income of at least $227,100. Over 268,500 Canadians were in this high-income group.

The Importance of Data Visualisation

Data visualisation – the visual representation of data in charts and graphs – has grown in popularity as an effective form of communication between media outlets and research organisations to the general public.

Partnering to Hack Homelessness (P2H²) Hackathon

Join the fun and attend the Partnering to Hack Homelessness (P2H²) Hackathon in Ottawa! The event runs on Friday, Nov 18 to Sunday, Nov 20. Attendance is open to everyone of all ages and backgrounds. 

Today is International Inuit Day

International Inuit Day is November 7! In total, approximately 155,000 Inuit live across Canada, Greenland, Alaska and Russia.

Transform the Sector Conference on February 23, 2017

Nonprofit organizations, governments and foundations are increasingly dependent on digital data to inform their strategies, monitor their progress, manage their operations, and pursue their missions.

Community Snapshot - Parent Resource Centre

The Parent Resource Centre has made Community Profiles for the Eastern Region of Ontario. These Profiles are intended to provide parents, professionals, and the general public with a snapshot of factors that contribute to early childhood developmental outcomes. Take a quick look below!