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From Open Government:

September is a month for back to school, fresh starts and back to work! We hope you have enjoyed plenty of fun in the sun this summer! Here’s a peak at some of what we have been working on lately.

Your Chance to Get Involved

  • Canada’s Plan to the Open Government Partnership, published in July 2016, commits to establishing a mechanism for open dialogue between government and civil society on open government issues.  We’re on the path to a more open government, and you can help.
  • Looking to contribute and be a part of the open government movement? This is your opportunity! Applications are now being accepted to join Canada’s Multi-stakeholder Forum on Open Government as well as the Selection Committee that will be choosing the representatives.

The Pitch

  • The past few weeks have been positively exciting (and a little exhausting) in many ways. Back in July, we launched our new Open by Default Portal Pilot. This was just the beginning of an incredible journey, which also included groundbreaking work to simplify the government procurement process.  
  • “The Pitch” was the first event of its kind held in Waterloo, Ontario on September 13. This process was a great learning experience for all involved. The contract was awarded to (drumroll please)…Digital Echnida So delighted and excited for this new relationship to grow.

United Nations General Assembly

  • On September 19-20th, Minister Brison, Associate-Secretary, Taki Sarantakis and our Open Gov Director, Jordan Zed will be attending the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, NY. 
  • There will be two Open Government Partnership (OGP) events hosted within UNGA, first the OGP’s annual High-Level Event, which will focus on rebuilding citizens’ trust in government and the second will be a meeting of the OGP Steering Committee, which brings together leaders from government and civil society to reflect on the past year and focus on our future priorities as a partnership.

New Data - Open Government Analytics

  • Open Government recently published a dataset that captures the overall traffic results on their site, including the number of downloads per department/agency and much more. You can find all of this here on Open Government Analytics.