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Target group profiles (TGP) provide Census Profile variables for a subset, or target group, of the population. This profile is for the population with majority of income coming from government transfers. Government transfers refer to all cash benefits received from federal, provincial, territorial or municipal governments during the reference period. It includes:

  • Old Age Security pension, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Allowance or Allowance for the Survivor;
  • retirement, disability and survivor benefits from Canada Pension Plan and Québec Pension Plan;
  • benefits from Employment Insurance and Québec parental insurance plan;
  • child benefits from federal and provincial programs;
  • social assistance benefits;
  • workers' compensation benefits;
  • Canada workers benefit (CWB);
  • Goods and services tax credit and harmonized sales tax credit;
  • other income from government sources.

For the 2021 Census, this includes various benefits from new and existing federal, provincial and territorial government income programs intended to provide financial support to individuals affected by the COVID‑19 pandemic and the public health measures implemented to minimize the spread of the virus.


Target group profiles (TGPs) provide data for a specific group of persons (a "target group"). All variables in the Target Group Profile are ‘person-level’ variables: their age, their gender, their family status (e.g., are they in a census family), the languages they speak, and so on.  Because TGPs deal with the universe of persons, they do not contain any family- or household-specific variables. For example, the average family size, household income or renter/owner status are variables that do not relate to a person, but to a family or household, and so they are not included in TGPs.  

25% vs 100% samples – Comparing values with publicly accessible data
The 2021 short form Census questionnaire was sent out to 100% of all households. The 2021 long form Census questionnaire was sent out to 25% of all households. Target Group Profiles are produced using the 25% sample. Variables that are available in both the 25% sample and the 100% sample will have different values depending on the source of the data.  For example, the total population of a city taken from the 25% sample (a Target Group Profile) will differ from that taken from the 100% sample (the online Census Profile).

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