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Where did the CSDS Submission on cuts to the Census go?

The Canadian Social Data Strategy submitted to the Tony Clement National Economy Consultation on July 6th, 2010. The CSDS submission was under the Canada's Digital Content Theme. Last week, shortly after it was posted, vote came in and our submission was in the top three. This weekend it disappeared from the site. Here is the direct link to Reinstate our Census Long Form aka Questionnaire 2B, at 337 votes (late in the afternoon today). You can only see if if you link directly.

CSDS submits to the Digital Economy Consultation - To reinstate the Long Form Census

Below is the text that was submitted. Please take a second to VOTE on the consultation! There are only 2 days left! A digital strategy in a knowledge based economy requires objective and trustworthy census data. Mr. Clement, as the Minister responsible for Statistics Canada, we ask that you revisit your decision and reinstate the long form Census questionnaire and continue to make filling it out mandatory.