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What is Peg?  (The Beta t

Peg is Winnipeg’s community indicator system, tracking indicators that reflect and measure our city’s well-being.  The indicators, developed by a wide cross-section of stakeholders, speak to our well-being in eight theme areas (basic needs, health, education & learning, social vitality, governance, built environment, economy, and natural environment) and one cross-cutting issue (poverty).  Individuals, groups, and organizations in all sectors can use the information to increase their knowledge, inform decisions, and guide action to achieve short- and long-term progress.
Peg is a work in progress.  The initial site introduces the eight themes and the thirteen indicators for poverty, the cross-cutting issue.  The site will continue to be built and developed, with indicators for the eight themes developed over the next three years.  In 2011/12, we plan to develop a full set of indicators for the natural environment and education & learning.
Beyond the themes and indicators, the next three years will include a number of other enhancements to Peg.  We will be further developing the technology behind Peg.  The stories component, a feature unique to Winnipeg’s community indicator system, will be enhanced, enabling us to better use stories as a form of information for the themes and indicators.  Additionally, we will enhance the system’s ability to mobilize our city to take action and strengthen our city, both at individual and group levels.