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This table has been updated to include counts of persons with activity limitations. The counts of persons with incomes below the Market Basket Measure (MBM) uses the 2018 rebased MBM. The original table can be found here.

The Community Poverty Project tables are custom tabulations created for the Community Data Program. The tables cross low income status variables with numerous demographic and socioeconomic characteristics.  The Community Poverty Project came out of the Canadian Council on Social Development's Urban Poverty Project.  

CPP-01 is ordered as a sort of summary table that crosses the low income lines with a large number of age groups, as well as a large 'Selected cultural and demographic characteristics' dimension (Aboriginal identity status, visible minority status, immigrant status, mobility status). The CDP had hoped to include activity limitations/difficulties variables in the 'Selected characteristics' dimension, however the Disability Screening Questions data were delayed. CPP-01 is considered a high priority table and was ordered without the activity limitations/difficulties dimension.

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REVISED CPP Table 1 - activity limitations and rebased MBM: Age Groups (23), Sex (3), Income status in 2015-CPP (7) and Selected cultural and demographic characteristics (53) for the Population in Private Households, 2016 Census