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The Community Recovery Dashboard is a monitoring tool for medium and long term COVID-19 recovery. The dashboard uses data from sources including the 2021 Census and the Labour Force Survey, to examine the effects of the pandemic and compare them across Canadian geographies and demographic groups. Topics covered in this dashboard include place of work, commuting, income, and employment change across industries.

The dashboard allows you to view profiles of individual geographies across Canada, ranging in scale from national to neighbourhood-sized, as well as compare select indicators across geographies using interactive maps and charts.


To open this dashboard, you will need Tableau Reader installed on your computer. Tableau Reader can be downloaded here.

This is Version 4 of the Community Recovery Dashboard. This version is updated to use data from the 2021 Census, as well as the latest Labour Force Survey data. Some variables have been added, changed or removed from the previous version. To compare the data in Version 4 with 2016 Census Data, Version 3 can be found here.

If you have any questions, comments or issues related to the dashboard, please let us know at

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Community Recovery Dashboard - Version 4