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Recently, the Government of Canada has released Canada’s first poverty reduction strategy which, for the first time, gives Canada an official poverty line: the Market Basket Measure (MBM). Presently, Statistics Canada is conducting a comprehensive review of the MBM, with the aim to update the measure for 2020. During this webinar, Statistics Canada will describe the MBM and the consultations conducted to date, as well as the next steps for the comprehensive review. The objective is to generate discussion with webinar participants on the MBM: What do you think about the five components of the measure? Are there things missing? How do your organisations use, or plan to use the Market Basket Measure? Do the poverty thresholds seem too high, too low? Or about right?

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Date and Time: Tuesday, Feb 12, 2019 at 1-2:30pm EST


  • Andrew Heisz is Assistant Director of the Income Statistics Division of Statistics Canada, and is responsible for census, survey and administrative data programs on income, pensions, housing and wealth. He is also a member of the Human Capital Policy Council of the CD Howe as well as a member of a steering committee on Poverty Research for the United Nations Economic Council for Europe. Andrew has collaborated on a number of research projects on the topics of income inequality and low income. Most recently, Andrew contributed two chapters to the 2016 book “Income Inequality: the Canadian Story” published by the Institute for Research on Public Policy. In 2017, Andrew was co-recipient of the Mike McCracken Award for Economic Statistics from the Canadian Economics Association, which recognizes theoretical and applied contributions to the development or use of economic statistics in Canada.


Participants: 86 

Webinar recording: