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If you were excited by this week’s Statistics Canada data release you’re not alone. On Nov 6, the Community Data Program is throwing a Data Party. Our guests of honour Heath Priston (City of Toronto), Jasmine Ing (City of Calgary), and Mike Ditor (CDP) will discuss the latest Census release.

Statistics Canada has now unveiled five releases this year, most recently on immigration, ethnocultural diversity, housing and Aboriginal peoples. Our three speakers will present their reactions to the Census release- What’s in it? What’s different or new? What stories does the data tell? Mike will break down what the release means for the CDP and what additional data we’ve ordered.

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Date and Time: Monday, Nov 6, 2017 at 1:30-3:00pm EST

Presenters: Jasmine Ing (City of Calgary), Heath Priston (City of Toronto), Michael Ditor (CDP)


Participants: 150

Webinar recording: