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For over eight years the IISD, in partnership with United Way Winnipeg, has been working on a community indicator system (CIS) called Peg. Drawing on these years of experience, the IISD has developed a tool, called tracking-progress, that communities can use to develop customized online CIS portals. The Tracking-Progress tool emerged from a recognition of the barriers communities face when considering an online indicator systems (costs, capacity and sustainability) and seeks to provide a user-friendly, simple and affordable option for data management and visualization. It is tailored specifically to meet the technical and visualization needs of communities looking to use data to track issues important for their wellbeing in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This webinar will highlight IISDs experience with CISs and showcase their work with tracking-progress locally and globally before doing a live demonstration of how new communities can establish their own sites in one-day.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Date and Time: Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 1-2:30pm EST


  • Stefan Jungcurt - Stefan is the Project Lead on IISD’s SDG indicators and monitoring program and Content Editor for the SDG Knowledge Hub. He has been with IISD’s Earth Negotiations Bulletin team since 2003 reporting on international negotiations on biodiversity and agriculture and has also worked for IISD as Project Officer on Energy and Climate change. Stefan previously was program director and research associate with the Council of Canadian Academies leading scientific assessments in the areas of agriculture, ocean science and energy.
  • Kyle Wiebe - Kyle is an urban planner (Master of Urban Planning, McGill University) who seeks to operationalize complex urban issues and datasets into communicable opportunities. His experience includes assessing the administration of geo-spatial addresses to informal settlements in Nairobi with the UN-Habitat, working with street food vendors to increase low-income consumers’ nutritional security in India, and contributing to and leading numerous research projects on food security and homelessness in Winnipeg with the Institute of Urban Studies. As an associate with the IISD Kyle has been developing an online tool, called tracking-progress, that allows communities to develop customized online community indicator systems.


Participants: 60 

Webinar recording: