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These data were provided by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The tables indicate the number of people who have been admitted as resettled refugees as part of the Government of Canada's Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program.



Please note that in these datasets, the figures have been suppressed or rounded to prevent the identification of individuals when the datasets are compiled and compared with other publicly available statistics. Values between 0 and 5 are shown as “--“ and all other values are rounded to the nearest multiple of 5. This may result in the sum of the figures not equating to the totals indicated.

Reading the tables:
The names of variables and geographies are indicated in the "Total" line below the relevant records. In the example shown below, rows 5 to 10 are for Principal Applicants in the CSD of Bauline.

IRCC Permanent Resident Admission Table note


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IRCC - Admission of Resettled Refugees by Census Division and Census Subdivision of Intended Destination, and Immigration Category, CD and CSD, 2018 to 2023