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Characteristics of individuals, Economic dependency profile of individuals
Each table contains the following information for government transfers (total) and each of its components:

  • Number: Total number of individuals in receipt of at least one of the transfers.
  • Amount ($’000): Total transfers expressed in thousands of dollars.
  • Employment Income ($’000): Total employment income in thousands of dollars. Employment income includes wages and salaries, commissions from employment, training allowances, tips and gratuities, net self-employment income (net income from business, profession, farming, fishing and commissions) and Indian employment income (new in 1999).
  • Economic Dependency Ratio (EDR): For a given area, the EDR is the ratio of transfer dollars to every $100 of total employment income. For example, where a table shows an EDR of 12.1, it means that $12.10 was received in transfer payments for every $100 of employment income for that area.
  • Provincial Index (Province = 100): The EDR for the area is expressed as a percentage of the EDR for the province. For example, if the EDR for an area has a provincial index of 110, that EDR is 10% higher than the provincial EDR.
  • Canadian Index (Canada = 100): The EDR for the area is expressed as a percentage of the EDR for Canada. Hence, if the Canadian index for an area is 95, that area’s EDR is 95% of the national EDR.

Web Table 11-10-0033-01 (formerly CANSIM Table 111-0025)

For more information on these tables, see the Technical Reference Guide.


Starting with 2019 data, the majority of the T1FF tables (Family, Individual and Senior tables) will include data for Census Subdivision geographies. Records with Census Subdivision level data are indicated in the "Level of geo" column with the value 71. If you are using Census Subdivision level data from the T1FF, please consult the "T1FF_CSD_Quality_Note.docx" document included in the file package.  The included Excel file provides a comparison between intercensal population estimates and the T1FF population estimates. The difference between these values should inform the user as to whether T1FF data at the CSD is reliable or not.

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