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Sources of income (number reporting and amount reported) for couple families, lone-parent families, persons not in census families and total for all census families and persons not in census families.

The income sources are:

  • Employment income (total)
    • Wages, salaries and commissions
    • Self-employment income
      • Farm + fish self-employment income
      • Other self-employment income
    • Investment income
    • Government transfers
      • Employment Insurance (EI)
      • Old Age Security (OAS) pension benefits/net federal supplements
      • Canada/Quebec Pension Plan (CPP/QPP) benefits
      • Canada Child Tax Benefits (CCTB)
      • Goods and services tax (GST) credit/harmonized sales tax (HST) credit
      • Workers' Compensation
      • Social Assistance
      • Provincial refundable tax credits/family benefits
      • Other Government Transfers
    • Private pensions
    • RRSP income
    • Other income
    • Total income

This table is available in postal and census subdivision geographies.


Due to the relatively poor quality of the coverage for some CSDs (mostly in rural areas and low population areas), T1FF data at the CSD level should be used with caution. Statistics Canada does not accept responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences associated with under coverage or over coverage in T1FF data at the CSD level.

The Word document "T1FF_CSD_Quality_Note.docx" contains the methodology used to link postal geography and census geography. 

Click here to download the document: T1FF_CSD_Quality_Note.docx

The Excel document “CSD_Coverage_CensusVsT1FF_2011.xlsx” can be consulted for more detailed coverage information on specific CSDs. See the “CSD Detailed Coverage Table” in the Excel file to check the quality of the data for the CSD of interest.

Click here to download the spreadsheet: CSD_Coverage_CensusVST1FF_2011.xlsx

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F-06: Sources of income by Census family type, 2005