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Statistics Canada's Centre for Municipal and Local Data portal is now available. Development on the portal is continuing but the site currently serves as a municipal finance data portal and access point for selected key indicators. The portal includes an interactive dashboard, mapping tool and links to Statistics Canada's open data catalogue.

The Centre also promotes data standards that are of interest to municipalities in order to improve the quality and comparability of such data, which could then be shared more easily with stakeholders via such initiatives as the Linkable Open Data Environment.

More information from Statistics Canada, and PDF informational flyers can be found below:

Your municipality, your statistics


Municipalities represent the order of government closest to people’s lives. From large urban municipalities to smaller, rural or agricultural areas, it is crucial that all levels of government collaborate more closely to ensure data and key indicators on socioeconomic, economic and health impacts are accessible and address the needs of our diverse communities.

Through close collaboration with federal departments, provinces & territories and key municipal stakeholders who produce data, we hope to integrate existing Statistics Canada data and services that are of particular value to cities and other municipalities.


The Centre for Municipal and Local Data includes tools and datasets from surveys and various administrative sources available at the Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), Census Agglomeration and Census Subdivision (CSD) levels.
We plan to work with other government bodies and associations to:

  • Address data gaps
  • Create and clarify data standards
  • Work with cities to collect, compile and disseminate data

Our goal is to gradually build a one-stop shop for new key performance indicators and analysis.

INTERACTIVE DASHBOARD: Explore the various finance and socioeconomic indicators for select Canadian cities.

DATA CATALOGUE: Find data at the local level.

MUNICIPAL MAPPING TOOL: Access geographically displayed key socioeconomic indicators.