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Panel discussion on Market Basket Measure at the 2019 CDP Annual Meeting in Calgary, AB.

Date and Time: Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 3:00-4:30pm MDT


  • Andrew Heisz (Statistics Canada) - Andrew is Assistant Director of the Income Statistics Division of Statistics Canada, and is responsible for census, survey and administrative data programs on income, pensions, housing and wealth. He is also a member of the Human Capital Policy Council of the CD Howe Institute as well as a member of the Research and Advisory Evaluation Committee for the Ontario Basic Income Pilot (Canada). Andrew is also a member of the UNECE Task Force on Disaggregated Poverty Measurement.Andrew has collaborated on a number of research projects on the topics of income inequality and low income. Most recently, Andrew contributed two chapters to the 2016 book “Income Inequality: the Canadian Story” published by the Institute for Research on Public Policy. In 2017, Andrew was co-recipient of the Mike McCracken Award for Economic Statistics from the Canadian Economics Association, which recognizes theoretical and applied contributions to the development or use of economic statistics in Canada.
  • Thomas Glen (Employment and Social Development Canada) - Thomas Glen is a senior policy analyst with Employment and Social Development Canada where he has worked since June 2016. Thomas joined the Department during the early stages of developing Canada’s first Poverty Reduction Strategy.  He was involved with drafting a poverty reduction strategy discussion paper, consulting Canadians on what they would want to see in the strategy, and ultimately was involved in writingOpportunity for All:  Canada’s First Poverty Reduction Strategy.
  • Ron Kneebone (University of Calgary) - Ron Kneebone is a Professor of Economics and Scientific Director of Social Policy & Health research in The School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary. His research examines government budgets and their financing but more recently has focused on the economics of poverty reduction and homelessness. He has served on a number of panels established to provide advice to governments on their budgeting practices. These include the Alberta Financial Management Commission (2002) and the Yukon Financial Advisory Panel (2017). He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Calgary Homeless Foundation.
  • Hughes Vaillancourt (Employment and Social Development Canada)
  • Ivan Sierralta (Vibrant Communities Calgary)
  • Moderated by Derek Cook (Canadian Poverty Institute)

Participants: 15 virtual, 50 in-person

Webinar recording: