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This series of interactive dashboards, built using Tableau, allows users to easily view and interact with data from the Immigration Data Portal. Each dashboard in this portal explores a different dataset related to immigration and provides opportunities for users to visualize and analyze data at geographies of their choice. The dashboards are designed to be intuitive for users at all levels of data knowledge, and useable on both PC and Mac computers.

The software required to use these dashboards is Tableau Reader, which can be downloaded here for free.

If you are unsure about your Local Immigration Partnership’s geography, please check your data boundary here.

Longitudinal Immigration Database ICARE Dashboard, 2012-2019

The Longitudinal Immigration Database ICARE Dashboard presents data from the IMDB ICARE tables T1 and T2 in a series of interactive charts. Data on immigrant taxfiler mobility and economic outcomes are compared with settlement service delivery, admission categories and world areas of birth. The dashboard includes time series showing data on immigrant taxfiler landing groups over time, and charts showing data for individual tax years.

Click here to download this dashboard from the catalogue.

Mobility In and Out of Local Immigration Partnerships Dashboard

The Mobility In and Out of Local Immigration Partnerships Dashboard visualizes immigrant mobility data for custom LIP geographies using the Longitudinal Immigration Database (IMDB).

This dashboard allows you to compare mobility indicators by immigration admission category, admission year (or landing year), tax year, age and gender of immigrant taxfilers.

Click here to download this dashboard from the catalogue.

Profile: All Immigrants

Click here to download the packaged workbook


Profile: Recent Immigrants

Click here to download the packaged workbook

Installing Tableau Reader

In order to view any of the Community Data Program's Tableau products, you will need Tableau Reader installed on your computer. Tableau Reader is a free program that allows you to open and interact with Tableau packaged workbook files (.TWBX), the format in which our data analysis and visualization tools are available.

Tableau Reader can be downloaded here. Click the Download Now button and the download should begin immediately.

Open the downloaded file to install the software on your computer. Once Tableau Reader is installed, double-clicking a packaged workbook file should open it automatically. If this is not the case, right-click the packaged workbook then select Open with > Tableau Reader. Alternatively, you can start Tableau Reader first, then use File Open to locate and open a packaged workbook file.

After opening a packaged workbook once, it should be easily accessible from Tableau Reader's start screen anytime open you the software, as long as you don't move or delete the file (if you do, just repeat these steps).

Using Tableau Reader

The main function of Tableau Reader is to allow you to open and interact with Tableau dashboards, however it does offer a few tools that are helpful to know:

  • The arrows in the top-left are Undo and Redo buttons. You can use these to undo/redo any interaction with the dashboard.
  • Clicking File Revert to Saved or pressing the F12 key will reset the dashboard to its original state.
  • Clicking File Export As PowerPoint or File Print to PDF allows you to export parts or all of the dashboard to a PowerPoint slideshow or a PDF document.
  • Under the Story or Dashboard dropdown menus, there are options for exporting or copying the page you are vieweing as an image.

Note that Tableau Reader is only for viewing and interacting with dashboards - it does not allow you to edit or extract data from them.

If you have any questions about using these dashboards, email us at