Police Resources in Canada, Tables 1-6, 2016

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Table 1 Trends in police personnel, Canada, 1962 to 2016

Table 2 Police officers by level of policing, by province and territory, 2016

Table 3 Municipal police services serving a population of 100,000 or more, Canada, 2016

Table 4 Hirings and departures of police officers, by province and territory, Canada, 2015/2016

Table 5 Total expenditures on policing, current dollars, by province and territory, 2015/2016

Table 6 Current and constant (2002) dollar expenditures on policing, Canada, 1986/1987 to 2015/2016


The Police Administration Survey collects data on police personnel and expenditures from each municipal, provincial and federal police services in Canada. The following security agencies are excluded from the survey: the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, railway and military police, and government departments enforcing specific statutes in the areas of income tax, customs and excise, immigration, fisheries and wildlife. Additionally, private security services and private investigators are not included in the survey.

Data presented in this report represent police personnel as of May 15, 2016 and year-end operating expenditures for the 2015 calendar year or the 2015/2016 fiscal year. Police officers include the actual number of permanent sworn police officers available for active duty as of May 15, 2016. Part-time personnel are converted to a full-time equivalent. Police expenditures represent actual operating expenditures and include salaries and wages, benefits, and other operating expenses such as accommodation costs, fuel, and maintenance. Expenditure data represent gross expenditure, and does not include capital expenditures, funding from external sources, or cost recovery dollars.

Since 2012, the Police Administration Survey has included a Supplemental questionnaire which captures detailed information on hires, departures, eligibility to retire, years of service, age, education, visible minority status, and language. Due to data quality issues, some of this information is not published.

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Mardi, Avril 11, 2017

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Police Resources in Canada, Tables 1-6, 2016