F-01: Summary table, 2014

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This table is available in standard postal and Census geographies, as well as for a custom order at standard geographies (see notes below).

The CSD table includes: 

  • Count of taxfilers.
  • Count of taxfilers and dependents by age group: 0-14, 15-64, 65+, and total.
  • Count of all census families (couple families + lone-parent families) and the number of persons in census families; similar counts are also given for couple families, lone-parent families and non-family persons.
  • Median family total income and median individual total income for all census families, for couple families, for lone-parent families and for persons not in census families.
  • Count of all census families with employment income, all non-family persons with employment income, and their median employment income.
  • Count of dual-earner couple families, of single-earner-male families, of single-earner-female families, and the median employment income of these families.
  • Count of all census families and of persons not in census families receiving transfer payments, and the median amount of transfer payments.
  • Count of census families with at least one member with labour income; the number of census families receiving Employment Insurance (EI) benefits and the median amount received; count of non-family persons with labour income, the number receiving EI benefits and the median amount received.

The custom order standard T1FF Postal and Census geographies table includes the same information as outlined above and also contains couple families with children 0-17 by count and median total income.


Due to the relatively poor quality of the coverage for some CSDs (mostly in rural areas and low population areas), T1FF data at the CSD level should be used with caution. Statistics Canada does not accept responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences associated with under coverage or over coverage in T1FF data at the CSD level.

The Word document "T1FF_CSD_Quality_Note.docx" contains the methodology used to link postal geography and census geography. 

Click here to download the document: T1FF_CSD_Quality_Note.docx

The Excel document “CSD_Coverage_CensusVsT1FF_2011.xlsx” can be consulted for more detailed coverage information on specific CSDs. See the “CSD Detailed Coverage Table” in the Excel file to check the quality of the data for the CSD of interest.

Click here to download the spreadsheet: CSD_Coverage_CensusVST1FF_2011.xlsx

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Vendredi, Mars 24, 2017

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F-01: Summary table, 2014

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