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Data Tables and Products

  • Acknowledge the Canadian Council on Social Development's Community Data Program and associated data sources used in all publications
  • How to Cite Statistics Canada Products
  • Examples:
    • Statistics Canada. 2011. Target group profile of the population aged 0-17, Target Group Profile. Census of Canada (database). Community Data Program (distributor). Last updated June 2, 2015. (accessed May 20, 2016).
    • TransUnion. 2014. Credit Report Characteristics, 2014 Q1. Community Data Program (distributor). Last updated October 1, 2014. (accessed May 20, 2016).

Census Geography

Taxfiler Geography

  • Taxfiler data are standardised data products generated from T1 tax files by Statistics Canada's Income Statistics Division (ISD)
  • This data uses Postal Codes available at two different kinds of scales: Postal geographic scales and Census geographic scales
  • Postal geographic scales are based on (or aggregated from) six-digit Postal Codes

Tools for Using the Data

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NHS and the Census


Permanent Residents Rounded Count Data Cube

TransUnion Credit Report Characteristics


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CDP - how to register a user account

CDP - how to find data

CDP - how to download a data product

CCHS PUMF - how to extract IVT data file