Target group profile of the Francophone population, Census, 2011

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Target group profiles (TGP) provide Census and NHS Profile variables for a subset, or target group, of the population. In this TGP, the target group is Francophones.


  • Target group profiles (TGPs) provide data for a specific group of persons (a "target group"). All variables in the target group profile relate to these persons: their age, their gender, their family status (e.g. are they in a census family), the languages they speak, and so on.  Because TGPs deal with the universe of persons, they do not contain any family- or household-specific variables. For example, the number of census families in private households does not relate to a person, but to a family, and so it is not included in TGPs.
  • CCSD defines the Francophone population using an inclusive definition. It is different from the IDF used by the Government of Ontario.

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Lundi, Avril 21, 2014

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Target group profile of the Francophone population, Census, 2011

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